What is a dormancy fee?  

A dormancy fee amounting to PhP 45.00 every month will be deducted from Sodexo+ app users when their account is inactive for 180 consecutive days (or six months).  



What is the dormancy fee for and why are you charging it? 

It’s industry practice to cover the operational costs to maintain accounts. 



Will I be notified prior to the deduction?  

App users will receive pre-deduction notifications via email and in-app push notifications on the 150th consecutive day (or third month) that account has been inactive. The notification is a reminder that you should have a transaction within 29 days to avoid the PhP 45.00 dormancy fee. 


When will I start to receive dormancy fee notifications?  

If your account has been inactive, you will receive a notification on the 150th day (or third month) that you need to use your Sodexo+ digital GCs to avoid a deduction.   


How will I be deducted of the dormancy fee?  


  • If your balance is below PhP45, only the remaining amount will be deducted so that your balance is zeroed out. You don’t have to pay anything and there won’t be any deductions when you receive credits from your employer or any sender. 


  • If your account has more than PhP45, the PhP 45.00 dormancy fee will be deducted from your account. This will happen again every 30 days but only if your account remains inactive and only until your balance is zeroed out. Once your balance is zeroed out, there won’t be any more deductions even if your account receives new Sodexo+ credits. 


  • If you don’t have any balance in your Sodexo+ account, there will be no dormancy fee deduction even after your account receives new Sodexo+ credits.  


How can I avoid being deducted of the dormancy fee?  


You should make a successful transaction upon receipt of a pre-deduction notification within 29 days to make your account active again.  


You only need to:  


  • Redeem or make a purchase using your Sodexo+ digital GCs. You may combine your Sodexo+ digital GCs with cash, or credit card upon payment. No need to do top ups. There is no minimum amount required for the transaction.  
  • Share or transfer your digital GCs to your beneficiaries using the app. You can transfer as low as PhP1.00. 
  • Redeem an e-voucher from the Sodexo+ shop if your balance can still cover it. 


What notifications will the app user receive?  

Sodexo+ app users will receive the following notifications:  

  • Pre-deduction notification – via email and in-app push notification 
  • Initial deduction – via email, in-app push notification and S+ app inbox  
  • Succeeding deduction – via email, in-app push notification and S+ app inbox 


May I request to deactivate my account in the meantime? 

For security purposes, our system is not designed to automatically deactivate accounts. 


Is dormancy fee being regulated by Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP)? 

The BSP has no set dormancy fee rules and/or regulations for entities like Sodexo, which is not classified as a bank, an NSSLA (Non-stock Savings and Loan Association), or an e-money issuer.  The BSP does not regulate the charges a company imposes as part of their operational costs. 


When was the dormancy fee implemented?  

The dormancy fee is included in the terms and conditions for usage of the Sodexo+ app. The first pre-deduction notification was sent out last November 12, 2021 for app users who have been inactive for at least 150 days (or three months).  The first deduction on dormancy will be on the 30th day, December 12, 2021.