I.    Introduction 

By converting your Sodexo+ Premium Pass digital gift certificate (hereby referred to as “S+ Digital GC”) credits within the ‘SHOP’ tab section of the Sodexo+ mobile application, you are bound by these Terms and Conditions (“T&C”). If you are accepting this T&C on behalf of a company, organization, government, or any other juridical person, you represent and warrant that (a) you are legally authorized to do so, (b) the entity agrees to adhere to the provisions of this T&C and (c) neither you nor the entity are barred from using the Sodexo+ app or accepting the T&C under the laws of applicable jurisdiction. 

II.    Scope 

This T&C covers all Sodexo Benefits and Rewards Services Philippines Inc.’s (“Sodexo”) S+ Digital GC credits to Boozylife Inc.’s (“Boozy”) e-voucher conversion transactions within the Sodexo+ mobile application starting January 6, 2022.

III.    Sodexo+ App E-Voucher Conversion Terms 

1. You (“you”, “your”, “yours”, “Customer” or “User”) may convert your S+ Digital GC to a unique Boozy e-voucher code within the ‘SHOP’ tab of the Sodexo+ app, as long as you have enough credits to convert within your Sodexo+ app.

2. Upon conversion, a unique alphanumeric code with an associated denomination based on its sequence will be sent directly to you, via in-app notification and/or email notification.

The User is responsible and accountable for his/her received unique Boozy e-voucher code. The User acknowledges and agrees that Sodexo shall not be held responsible or liable, whether directly or indirectly, for any damages or loss caused, sustained, or experienced by the User or any other person, in connection with the use of the unique Boozy e-voucher code on the applicable Boozy platforms. The same applies for unused unique Boozy e-voucher codes that will expire within the validity period. 

3. In the event of expired unique Boozy e-voucher codes, Sodexo and/or Boozy shall not refund or reissue any amount to the User, whether in the form of Sodexo+ digital GC credits or Boozy e-voucher codes, or cash. 

IV.    Boozy’s Terms & Conditions 

a.    All converted unique Boozy e-voucher codes are valid for redemption on Boozy’s website (https://boozy.ph/), Boozy mobile application available on IOS and Android App Stores, and other applicable Boozy online platforms (collectively “Boozy Platform”).  

b.    Each Boozy e-voucher code has an equivalent validity date per denomination. This is reflected in the email notification sent from Sodexo via sodexonotificationsphilippines@sodexo.ph.

c.    The unique Boozy e-voucher code may only be used to purchase regular-priced items. Discounted or bundled items, and delivery fees are excluded.

d.    The unique Boozy e-voucher code may be redeemed for a single transaction, one-time use only. Partial redemption is not allowed. If the total value of the Boozy e-voucher code is not used up, there will be no change or credits applicable. If the total purchase goes beyond the applicable Boozy e-voucher code amount, the User will shoulder and pay the difference through any other payment modes available in the Boozy Platform. 

e.    The unique Boozy e-voucher code may be redeemed at no minimum spend. 

f.    The unique Boozy e-voucher code is non-refundable, non-exchangeable, and cannot be converted to cash.

g.    Persons aged below eighteen (18) years old are not allowed to purchase from Boozy.

h.    The Boozy e-voucher code is valid for registered Boozy users and guest purchases.

i.    In the event of an imposed national or local government unit liquor ban, Boozy will adhere to the protocols accordingly. Serviceable areas may be subject to change without prior notice in compliance to the mandatories. The e-voucher code may still be used in the remaining available areas, if any.

j.    Sodexo and/or Boozy shall not be responsible for any damages and/or inconveniences including all illness/es, injury/ies, death/s, claim/s, liability/ies and/or cost/s suffered by the Customer, as the case may be, caused in whole or in part by the product/s and/or service/s provided by Boozy. The User shall hold Sodexo and/or Boozy free and harmless from any claim, demand, suit, cause of action or liability in respect of any fault or negligence, in relation to any transaction where a Boozy e-voucher code was used, accepted or rejected. Sodexo and/or Boozy makes no representation or warranties of any kind, including but not limited to the quality and/or merchantability of the products and/or services availed of in any of the Boozy Platforms.

k.    The Boozy e-voucher code may be subject to other Terms & Conditions of Boozy and its partner stores, applicable on the Boozy platforms. Boozy reserves the right to decide on all matters and disputes pertaining to the use of Boozy e-voucher codes, as well as the exclusion of certain regular-priced items at any point in time.  

l.    For any questions or clarifications, you may email the Boozy Customer Service team at ask@boozy.ph or chat via official Boozy website/Facebook/Instagram/Twitter accounts.